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We Work With You To Make Sure International Student Athletes Are Successful Both On And Off The Field At Your University.  

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What universities do you work with?

We work with both Men’s and Women’s College Coaches at all levels of play. This includes Universities at the NCAA Division 1, 2, and 3 levels of play as well as NAIA schools and Junior Colleges. 

How do you find international players ?

We have a robust network of International Partners. Through these partners we are able to find top level male and female players in Spain, South Africa, Japan, Australia, England, and Germany.  

How Do You Make Sure International Student Athletes Will Be Successful at My university?

Our Partners screen international students extensively before they come to the United States. They provide TOEFL/SAT preparation, grade translation, help with the Student Visa process, and register students with the NCAA/NAIA Clearing Houses. They also build a comprehensive athletic and academic player profile, which allows Weaver Athlete Management to find the best match for players both on and off the field.  

Are There Any Costs To Work With Weaver Athlete Management?

No. This service is 100% free to college coaches. 

HOw Do I Start Working with Weaver Athlete management?

Coaches can call, e-mail, or fill out the recruiting contact form to begin working with Cory. At that time, we can go over specific recruiting needs and start to identify student-athletes that may be a good fit at your university. 

About Cory Weaver

Owner and Founder

Cory has extensive experience in the soccer world as both a player and coach. He played at Wheaton College in Illinois from 2008-2012, and then went on to play professionally in Australia in 2013. During college he played with Bridges To The Pros and played against first division teams in Holland, Denmark, and Sweden. He has 10 years of coaching experience as both a college coach, and director at a youth soccer club. He also holds a Masters of Business in Executive Leadership. He started Weaver Athlete Management to help college coaches recruit international students more effectively, and allow international students to realize their dreams of playing college soccer in the United States. 

Who We Work With

“I couldn’t have asked for a better person to aid me through the college recruiting process!”

Cory was a tremendous help during the college recruiting process. He talked to college coaches who were interested in me, and gave them a better picture of who I was on and off the field. He helped me figure out what colleges were a good fit for me, which narrowed down my college search. Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to aid me through the whole process. 

Anna Jenkins

Class of 2020, Grove City Women's Soccer

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